Higher Balance Gym Wear Supports you physically and Motivates you mentally. We Think the secret to health is elevating your mindset, and stepping out of the limiting of beliefs that hold you back.

Our gym wear line serves as a symbol of inspiration. it is a constant reminder of your limitless potential. Higher Balance Gym Wear is here to motivate and uplift you as you walk through the world. True power goes much further than skin deep, and that's the message we want to share with all of our customers.

We value our family here at Higher Balance Gym Wear, and we want to motivate you to live a life of inspiration, success, and strength. Our clothes are perfect for gym, running errands, or if you need a pick me up while you're lounging at home. They're versatile, comfortable and uplifting because that's what you deserve.

Every time you purchase a Higher Balance product, you are helping us grow our small business. We want to help you grow alongside us.

Check out our exclusive Gym Wear line to step into your true power, and show up with confidence at your next workout. 

HB Gym Wear (Higher Balance Gym Wear) aims to enhance the Physical & Mental Aspiration of our clients by wearing our quality products.

Our mission is to provide a one of a kind service and promote physical appearance and mental wellness for all.

Our Slogan: Physical & Mental Aspiration In Your Gym Wear

**Collaboration**: Our partnership extends beyond borders, reaching out to local governments, historical societies, & cultural organizations to support cultural preservation efforts.

Legacy Passing**: Betty Jones Smith (Chieftain Fiying Mink) wisely points out that the torch of Keetoowah history must be passed on through stories, intergenerational knowledge sharing, & mentorship within the community.

Higher Balance Gym Wear, in collaboration with the Deep South Cherokee Keetoowah Foundation, is committed to empowering and celebrating the Keetoowah culture. Join us on this inspirational journey as we strengthen our roots & reach for the stars, all while wearing the symbol of our limitless potential – our Gym Wear. Together, we can achieve greatness for now & for the future to come.*
**Commemoration of History**: Historical markers, monuments, & educational exhibits stand as tributes to the enduring spirit of the Cherokee people in this region, acknowledging the trials & triumphs of the past.





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